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We Dine Indy provides a single, universal gift card that is good at participating Indianapolis and Indiana independent restaurants. Purchase the card here and receive the loaded card in the mail a few days later! When you buy a We Dine Indy card, Wine Carryout Bag, Magnifying Dining Light and more, you are giving a gift of a great local independent restaurant to someone so they can explore the scene you already have come to love! 

Are you a fan of the evolving Indiana culinary scene and are looking for a great place to dine or drink? Check out our participating restaurants for a new future favorite, the latest food or drink features around town, or revisit a longstanding favorite. We Dine Indy is growing to be the defining resource for central Indiana food and drink!

Buy a card.

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Latest News and Happenings:

Independence is King!

We Dine Indy plastic gift cards and related software enable you sell gift cards wherever modern business is done: brick and mortar, community events, your website and more! We also support a loyalty program. Since the software is on the 'cloud', your customers are empowered to self service balance checks. That saves labor and encourages customer engagement. Packages start at $39 /mo.

We are the only independent gift card provider in the state of Indiana. Working with us your data is not owned by a POS company or credit card processor. Independence is a huge advantage when changing any part of your business as your gift card data is completely unaffected. This also makes us a deeply valuable solution for anyone with multiple concepts, owners, or franchisees. We are experts in custom gift card solutions for unique gift card problems.

Independence is key to being flexible. The landscape of POS and merchant service solutions happily support your gift card and loyalty business because it's very hard to walk away from a whole database of business when you decide to make a change. Most will let you transition, but will hold the data hostage as you are moving from their solution to another. In short, it will cost you time, money and stress to get access to the business you already generated. I offer an alternative: pair with We Dine Indy for your gift card services. No matter what you do with your POS or merchant services, you're completely insulated.

Historic Sherman in Batesville EXPANDS!
Sherman Bier Hall GO Early

Sherman Bier Hall GO Late
Two words: Bier Music

If you have never been to the historic Sherman in Batesville, head on down and explore traditional Gernam heritage! Hotel rooms available to make a great getaway destination.

Prefer outdoor music? They have that too!

Welcome to 5 (FIVE!) New We Dine Indy clients!
Joe's Grille - Castleton
Joe's Grille - Fishers
the Free Spirit Tavern
and The Sherman

What a great lineup! We have foodservice friendly pubs, an Irish Pub and the Historic Sherman in Batesville Indiana! This group also represents my WDI expansion outside of central Indiana and to a stronger and more adventurous all-state concept. If your favorite independent spot is anywhere in Indiana, I'll be glad to welcome them into We Dine Indy. Just send them my way!

Special thanks to Skybox Systems Consulting. They have been an important partner in supporting local businesses for years and for being friendly to their clients visions. Check them out at http://www.SkyboxIndy.com

Keep on the lookout for products with brands of places all over Indiana in our marketplace. It's just one way we help move LOCAL forward.

Hope you all had a great race weekend and welcome to our new members!

P.S. I have gift card solutions ready for retail and services as well...


We Dine Indy 2.0
Thanks all for your support over the years. 2019 represents a new era for We Dine Indy and what it is accomplishing in our state.
First, we are growing beyond Indianapolis into the whole state! More on that to come...

Next, the full upload of the We Dine Indy Radio Hour will hit the We Dine Indy website. Listen to all 6 hours of interviews with local food and beverage movers and shakers (with a few bonus guests!)

We Dine Indy will be launcing 6 (!!!) new venues to use your We DIne Indy cards at over the next few weeks. Be sure and check back often to see the latest members!

Have you ever ordered a bottle of wine and not wanted to finish it at the restaurant? We Dine Indy has you covered. Check out our all new Wine Doggy Bags for your personal use. If you are a foodservice venue and want to order a batch with your logo on it, go here: https://wedineindy.com/pages/contact+us/5

Also if you are a foodservice venue, I have new POS options available to you sold in Indiana with full Indiana local support and FREEDOM OF CHOICE for your credit card processing.

Thanks for Moving Local Forward and to a great 2019!

Brand New Addition to the We Dine Indy community!
Just in time for the new year, We Dine Indy is proud to announce the latest client, 10-01 in Broadripple! Join us in celebrating Midwest contemporary food in the heart of Broadripple Village. With a great beer list including a variety of Indiana beers, Indiana classic foods, Sunday brunch, seasonal outdoor seating, an upscale dining room with an open-concept kitchen and a killer lower level bar called The Vault (perfect for private events and gatherings)! 10-01 is a great addition to the We Dine Indy gift card family.

Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1001FoodDrink 
or via Twitter: @1001FoodDrink

Thanks for Moving Local Forward!

Holidays are nearly here!
Now is a great time to pick up a We Dine Indy universal gift card for your friends and family. I am happy to bring together a collection of very special restaurants and cafes that represent our Indianapolis community very well. By giving a We Dine Indy card, you immediately support locally owned and operated spots here in central Indiana. You give the gift of culinary delight close to home. I can't tell you how thankful I am that you have supported such a project. Bringing together such a great group of restaurants has been a great joy in my life and I love to share those joys.

From a series of $10 stocking stuffers to that big gift to someone special, this is the year to treat someone to a whole variety of local options all over the city.

Thank you for Moving Local Forward!


Meet the Kings of the Sun over Indianapolis
Dave Colt and Clay Robinson join the We Dine Indy Radio Hour for a 2 segment interview (My first two semgent-er!). Two of the owners of Sun King, we talk about history, community, sustainability and more! 
Our second interview is with Joyce Niece representing WAMMfest 2015. If you aren't familiar, it is THIS WEEKEND from 11:00AM to 8PM at Craig Park. A celebration of local food, drink, art and more!

WAMMfest: Wine Art Music Microbrews

Tune in for all this and MORE, this week on Freedom95 at 7AM
Want to be a guest on the show representing your local restaurant, product, service or event? Reach out to me!

Juice and Barter
Guests to the We Dine Indy Radio Hour this week include Cory and Laura Beatus with Natural Born Juicers on Mass Ave (a proud We Dine Indy participant) about putting good in loving it! We also have Sarah Reynolds with our local ITEX chapter talking about currency alternatives and assisting cashflow by providing services to each other on a local level. We also all sit around and talk a bit about the central Indiana local movement!

Would you like to talk to one of my guests? Do so via Twitter: @WeDineIndy
We'll make sure you get connected!

From Church Basement to Full Fledged Business, and beer from Northern Indiana
The We Dine Indy Radio Hour celebrates more of the state, with a business from Terre Haute and a brewrey from Angola, IN making appearences on the show!

Zack Johnson joins us from eBash, a proud We Dine Indy participant, talking about how he started organizing fun groups in his church basement and turned it into the business we see today! We also welcome Steve Short of Chapman's Brewing Company and we get to hear about giving back to Angola, the core lineup of Chapman's brews and the outlook moving forward. Yumm!

Request your next microbrew interview via Twitter: @WeDineIndy 

Celebrate Independence day Weekend with a show about Independent Restaurants!
This week we speak with Sean Hwang, owner and operator of Miracle Sushi and Modern Asian Cuisine as well as his marketing director Roxanne Arr in a conversation about melding his heritage with the Indiana palate and our midwestern seasonal changes. The brewrey guest is Ray Kamstra, owner and head brewer of Indiana City Brewing Company with a great July 4th event happening there. Host Bryan Leniski also goes into specifics about some of the participants in We Dine Indy. To learn more about We Dine Indy and our participants, tune in or become a registered user! 

As always, tune in 7AM to Freedom95
Interract with us via Twitter: @WeDineIndy

The Premier of the We Dine Indy Radio Hour
Listen as host Bryan Leniski chats with Mark Havens, head brewer of Quaff On! hailing from Nashville, Indiana. Listen as we talk about the connection to the community, what it means to be a local independent business in central Indiana and the who why what where how of We Dine Indy itself. If you feel inspired, make sure to get a We Dine Indy gift card and support the participating local places I talk about that are featured here on this webiste!

To tune in:
AM 950, FM 95.9 or steam on Freedom95
There are no politics at THIS dinner table, just good conversation about local food and drink, and other great goings-on in the central Indiana culinary scene.

Thank you for Moving Local Forward!
  -Bryan Leniski

Questions for the show or our guests?
or via twitter: @WeDineIndy

The We Dine Indy Radio Hour
We Dine Indy is very proud to announce the recording of our first We Dine Indy Radio Hour! For one hour a week, host and We Dine Indy founder Bryan Leniski is able to speak with local Indiana brewers and restaurateurs discussing the history of their places and the culinary world in Central Indiana. Our world in the Indy Metro is evolving to incorporate the emerging creativity and energy of our scene and heritage and we are able to celebrate it with those in the trenches making it happen. For the first show, we had a lively interview  with Mark Havens, head brewer of Quaff On! in beautiful Brown County, IN.

Next show:
Indiana City Beer
Miracle Modern Sushi and Asian Cuisine

As always, we take your questions via Twitter:

We are happy to support our local community how we can! Read our new ad at St. Luke Church in the paper bulletin or here:
 St. Luke Church Bulletin

February 2015
Trader's Point Creamery

Wednesday, February 25: Rustic Winter Beer Dinner
Beers from Quaff On! Brewery in Nashville, IN + 5 courses with rustic game dishes from Chef Canfield

Course One
Salmon | wheat beer-marinated steelhead salmon, preserved citrus, hakurei turnips, mustard greens
Yellow Dwarf Wheat

Course Two
Bison | bison heart tartare, hopped orange mayo, juniper-sorghum grass bread, fried shallots
Hare Trigger IPA

Course Three
Squab | grilled breast & bacon-cured thigh, potato salad, porter BBQ
Busted Knuckle Porter

Course Four
Boar | glazed loin and black walnut-Tomme sausage, malted barley puree, pantry fruits
Barley Wine

Course Five
Juneberry Torte | brown butter-hazelnut crust, cultured cream
Double Mocha Java Stout

$60 per person

January 2015
Valentine's Day at Miracle! Buy a We Dine Indy Gift card and go indulge in a Valentine's Day celebration at Miracle Sushi and Modern Asian Cuisine! Here is a preview of their menu:

   We Dine Indy is proud to announce it's newest partner--Natural Born Juicers!

Blended Juices. Smoothies. Shots! (Wheat-grass/Ginger/Ginger Lemon Cayenne that is) Hot Drinks.

If you have not experienced one of these delicious and healthy delights, you are truly missing out. Do yourself and your body a favor and get connected with these Raw and Pressed options. Laura and Corey have over 30 years of combined experience in tastes, recipes and cleanses. They lived the lifestyle long before the juicy industry had the notoriety is has today.

With growing awareness of the benefits of including more juice in our diets, this has been the perfect opportunity for Laura and Corey to share their passions with the public in starting Natural Born Juicers.

A We Dine Indy card is a universal gift card redeemable at a variety of local Indianapolis area restaurants. We only represent independent locals so you know your money stays close to home. Log on to www.WeDineIndy.com to purchase your gift card. We mail it out to you or send it as a gift to your intended recipient. Once you have a We Dine Indy card, check the website to see a list participating restaurants/cafes/eateries/bars where you can then go use your card.

A $20 We Dine Indy card will let you try 2-3 of these delicious treats handmade at Natural Born Juicers! If you have a health enthusiast on your gift list, We Dine Indy just became a better option for them! And as always, there will be plenty more options to come. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm in the Indianapolis independent culinary scene!

  -Bryan Leniski
   Founder, We Dine Indy
   Moving Local Forward.


We Dine Indy has an exciting new announcement!

eBash Gamer Cafe is a part of the We Dine Indy group! Along with our current restaurants, you may also take your existing We Dine Indy cards and use them at eBash. New cards bought will include our current list of restaurants and any others that join our group in the future. Your We Dine Indy card just got better!

If you have already purchased a We Dine Indy card, thank you—we very much appreciate your business! If you haven't yet, now is a great time! With the holiday season upon us, a We Dine Indy card is a great stocking stuff-er or unique gift for the ones you care about!

A We Dine Indy card is a universal gift card redeemable at a variety of local Indianapolis area restaurants. We only represent independent locals so you know your money stays close to home. Log on to www.WeDineIndy.com to purchase your gift card. We mail it out to you or send it as a gift to your intended recipient. Once you have a We Dine Indy card, check the website to see a list participating restaurants/cafes/eateries/bars where you can then go use your card.

Show your support for eating and dining local. Choose We Dine Indy for your next gift and share your favorite food and drink with those you care for most!

  -Bryan Leniski
   Founder, We Dine Indy
   Moving Local Forward.

When buying from a non-local business, 57% of that money leaves our local area. It is simply a losing game!